30518 root canal

30518 Root Canal

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Follow-up care for root canals in 30518

30518 root canal
30518 root canal

Root canal is a vital procedure, done to treat an infected tooth so that it can remain strong and viable for the long term. With routine follow-up, along with getting immediate attention for any problems or complications, we at North Gwinnett Dental Care can ensure that the odds are in your favor for the procedure to provide successful results.

A toothache, especially one that is excruciating, often leads to the need for our 30518 root canal. Your tooth has protective barriers, especially your enamel. As long as the barriers are intact, bacteria cannot get inside. When your enamel is breached, which can occur when tooth decay forms a large enough cavity, you have an especially deep filling, or your tooth becomes chipped or cracked, bacteria can more easily find its way inside. There it infects the pulp, which is located next to the nerve. Our 30518 root canal is not scary, despite the reputation that the process has unfairly received over the years and particularly in popular culture. Most patients report little or no pain at all. In order to get to the pulp and nerve, both of which will be removed, the tooth must be drilled from the top. The canals are cleaned, disinfected, and sealed, all of which may take one session or possible multiple ones. Follow-up care begins with coming back in after the tooth has sufficiently healed so that you can have a permanent crown fitted, restoring the full size and functionality of the tooth. Additional recommendations include paying close attention to oral hygiene. Brushing twice per day and flossing once are essential. You should also pay close attention to whether you experience any indications that there is something not right. Among them are lasting pain, visible swelling, an uneven bite, or the same kinds of symptoms that brought you in to begin with.

The good news is that by following some very simple and easy guidelines, our 30518 root canal should be a positive experience, both during and after.

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