Braces 30518

Braces 30518

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Invisalign Braces in 30518

Braces 30518
Braces 30518

Getting your teeth repositioned can be a lot simpler, easier, and more comfortable than you realize. Here at North Gwinnett Dental Care, we feature Invisalign braces, a system of aligners that eliminates the unpleasant aspects of traditional braces.

For the majority of people, the most striking benefit of our braces 30518 is that they cannot be seen when you put them on. Clear plastic is virtually invisible. If you had concerns about feeling awkward or self-conscious, you can set them aside. Comfort is also a hallmark of Invisalign. Plastic doesn’t cause any friction against your mouth, and as a result, there is no soreness or irritation at all. Additionally, because of the outstanding job that is done in making the aligners here at our office, you will find that our braces 30518 are calibrated to fit precisely. That’s thanks to 3D computer software and cutting edge machinery. You simply wear an aligner for two weeks, let it serve its purpose in the overall scheme of straightening your smile, and then move on to the next aligner. There is one other advantage that we should mention. You can take out your aligner and put it back in at will. You don’t need us to do it for you. Because of this, you can eat all your favorite foods during the course of treatment. Just take out your aligners and have something sticky, chewy, or crunchy if you so desire. When you’re done, put your aligners back in. Do the same when you brush and floss. And the the rest of the day and night, keep them in so they can do the job they’re designed for.

Visit us for a consultation and examination that will decide if you are a good candidate for our braces 30518. Contact us right now to schedule a time.

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