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Sugar Hill Cosmetic Dentist

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No matter what age a person is they can have a problem with the way their smile looks. Whether the bite is uneven or the teeth are crooked, stained, dull, chipped or even missing an imperfect smile can cause a lack of confidence or lowered self-esteem. The good news is that nobody has to live with a smile that they don’t feel confident showing to the world. Our Sugar Hill cosmetic dentist can remake your smile and get rid of the imperfections so you can proudly put your best smile forward.

There are several procedures that our Sugar Hill cosmetic dentist can perform to help your smile depending, of course, on exactly what is wrong with it. A common complaint is that a patient’s mouth contains one or several teeth that are chipped, stained or cracked. Depending on the extent of the stain, crack or chip our dentist can fix the problem using either a porcelain veneer or crown. For surface cracks or chips on the front of a tooth or a stain a porcelain veneer might be the best approach. A veneer is a thin sheet of a porcelain material that is shaped to fit over the front of the tooth and cover the imperfection without damaging the underlying tooth any further. For more extensive repairs our dentist uses a porcelain crown, which is fabricated to exactly mimic the shape and size of the natural tooth and is placed over the tooth. First the tooth is prepared for the crown by having some of the natural material removed.

A very common procedure that our Sugar Hill cosmetic dentist performs is whitening dull or discolored teeth. As people age and eat, drink and sometimes smoke teeth yellow and dull needing expert whitening to restore their original luster. Our practice can perform the whitening procedure in our office in just one visit or supply our patients with an at-home whitening kit that they can use in the convenience of their homes. The results of either of these whitening procedures are teeth that are several shades whiter. Don’t live with a smile you don’t like call our office for an appointment.

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