Sugar Hill GA pediatric dentist

Sugar Hill GA Pediatric Dentist

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Pediatric dental exams and cleanings in Sugar Hill GA

Sugar Hill GA pediatric dentist
Sugar Hill GA pediatric dentist

If you are looking for an excellent dental practice where your child can receive excellent pediatric dental exams and cleanings, then you will want to visit us at North Gwinnett Dental Care. At our Sugar Hill GA pediatric dentist office, your child will be seen by our expert pediatric dentist, Dr. Bridgett Jorgensen or Dr. Perrice Murray.

It is very important that your child has a good experience at the dentist so that he or she will never go on to develop any fears of dentistry or dental offices. At our dental practice, our Sugar Hill GA pediatric dentist as well as our entire staff will go out of their way to make sure that your child has a fun and stress-free time at our dental practice. It is now recommended that children come in for their first dental exam when their first baby tooth erupts, or when they reach one year of age – whichever occurs first. Baby teeth play several important roles in your child’s mouth; coming in for a regular dental exams and teeth cleanings will help ensure that their baby teeth will remain healthy and intact for as long as they are needed. Baby teeth act as placeholders for corresponding permanent teeth which have yet to erupt. If the baby tooth is lost prematurely, a tooth may end up erupting in the wrong position causing serious orthodontic problems. Baby teeth also make it possible for your child to chew his or her food thoroughly for proper digestion. Baby teeth also help your child to develop clear speaking habits. At our dental practice your child will receive complete dental exams and gentle dental cleanings. Your child can also receive fluoride treatments to help strengthen his or her tooth enamel, and get dental sealants to help protect the flat chewing surfaces of your child’s premolars and molars from dental cavities.

For an appointment for your child to meet with our Sugar Hill GA pediatric dentist, simply contact us today.

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